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as I ROVed OUT: Success at the Edinburgh Fringe!

I am so overjoyed with the audience responses to “As I Roved Out!”

14 shows in 14 days and each one was a different delight. Very excited to keep performing and touring with this show!

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Audience Feedback

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“This Bardesse is truly on a mission in her "rovings" - to call up ancient tunes and songs and stories and to spread them where'er she goes, to remind us of our connections to one another and to the earth. A stunning voice and impressive chops on the fiddle. A lovely way to start the day.” (Jane Fremon)

I have just been to see this AGAIN!!! Such a good show I had to come back. If you're looking for a meditative, calming beautiful escape this Fringe Festival then this is the place to come. Bronwyn's captivating heart-warming performance is mesmerising and the content in this show is the perfect balance of music and story telling. Come to this show for a relaxing, envigorating, soul-nourishing journey perfectly timed at 11am. I am already planning my third ticket for this show....! (Vanessa McAuley)

“Wonderful feel good experience. Beautiful songs from a very talented musician.” (Derek Halden)

“Just an amazing experience. Meditative, spiritual, remarkably musical. Highly recommended. Even the wee dug across from me was mellow.” (Rob)

“Powerful and beautiful. I wish I could listen to the stories of the Bardess again” (Hannah Johnson)

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Show Description

Journey along ancient song lines with The Bardesse, everywoman time-travelling troubadour, as your guide. Weaving together theatre, traditional Celtic folk ballads and storytelling accompanied by fiddle and guitar, Canadian multi-instrumentalist and newcomer to the Fringe, Bronwyn Claire Asha, invites you to begin your day with a delightful and immersive voyage through the history of song and story to discover just how connected we are to each other, to our earth, and to those we came before us. The future has an ancient heart – will you take up the call in remembrance of it?

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The Maiden’s Lament

Now available to Stream on Spotify

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Reiki and Sound healing

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I am now offering in-person combined Reiki and sound healing sessions in Lisbon.

For more information and to chat about a treatment, get in touch via text or email!

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storyteller/sound healer

Bronwyn Claire Asha is a multi-instrumental folk artist originally from the west coast of Canada. Her music breathes new life into the traditional folk ballad genre, and her unique arrangements of traditional songs on fiddle, guitar, harmonium and banjo with loop effects create a sound that feels both elemental and ancient. Her live performances combine storytelling, guided somatic meditation and spoken word for a powerful and engaging listening experience.

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